The potentiometer is a manually adjustable electric resistance, equivalent to a variable resistive voltage divider . The potentiometer can be multi-turn, the shaft of which carries a certain number of turns to go from a minimum to a maximum value, or single-turn.

Generally, the potentiometer is coupled with dedicated knobs. Here we propose our three main brands.


Vishay (Spectrol – Sfernice)

By Vishay, a world leader brand who has acquired the trademarks Spectrol and Sfernice, are available devices single-turn or multi-turn, with advanced design technology that makes possible to incorporate additional components such as cables, to simplify the installation of the equipment.



Bourns invests in innovative new products even through internal development, as well as through the strategic acquisition of companies or product lines: because of this, its articles are available worldwide and are synonymous with high accuracy and reliability. In addition to classic products, such as mono-and multi-turn potentiometers, are also produced slide potentiometers and linear motion potentiometers.


Ab Elektronik

Intelligent solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications: this is the promise of AB Elektronik, brand owned by the English TT Electronics.
Our proposal includes: carbon potentiometers, Cermet potentiometers, potentiometers of conductive plastic, and heavy duty wirewound potentiometers.