The power modules contribute to increase the efficiency and the energy savings by condensing in a single package the power chip (necessary for the engine control) and the control circuitry, by applying the “inverter” technology at all types of industrial equipment.

The transistors, semiconductors components, are mainly used as amplifiers of electrical signals or as electronic switches controls and are easily miniaturized, so they become key components in microelectronics.

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From the world’s leading manufacturer in the field of discrete-analogic MOSFET and IGBT with high-performance, the proposal varies from digital ICs and mixed-signal to integrated assistance systems: IR innovative technologies add value to client projects, reducing energy consumption, improving performances and simplifying the development in a wide range of applications.


From a global leader in the field of power electronics and beyond, our offer is enriched with the Mitsubishi line of products, which includes various types of modules: IGBT, MOSFET, diode modules, HVIGBT and many others.