Our offer includes all the elements of man-machine dialogue necessary for the proper operation of the equipment inside of your projects:

  • Control and signaling units;
  • Cam switches;
  • Pushbutton empty and complete;
  • Modular installation;
  • Beacons and modular;
  • Pendant stations;
  • Contactors;
  • Thermal relays;
  • Circuit breakers.

Our offer includes only leading brands:


Schneider Electric, a company that has acquired Telemecanique, is an international leader in the production of circuit breakers, contactors and elements of man-machine dialogue: this field has undergone a remarkable evolution during these years.

Schneider Electric has enriched the elementary function assigned to the buttons with interfaces that, using electronics, have allowed us to expand the dialogue, customizing and bringing new features such as the configuration of the parameters or the aid to diagnostics.


New Elfin is a dynamic company specialized in the production of electro-mechanical components for the command, control and signaling equipment.

All products by New Elfin are controlled by severe certification procedures that ensure high quality.