condensatori elettroliticiThe capacitor is an electrical component that stores energy in an electrostatic field. 

Depending on its composition, the capacitors are divided into:

  • solid dielectric capacitors
  • electrolytic capacitors

The solid dielectric capacitors are divided into air capacitors, ceramic, glass, polyester capacitors etc., while the electrolytic capacitors can be aluminum, tantalum, electric double layer or airgel capacitors.

We offer prestigious brands in the world scene.


Itelcond was founded in November 1976 and since then the production has always focused on capacitors for the professional, industrial and telecommunications.

Our proposal is extensive, specific for every need.

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Faet is the leading Italian company in the market of electromechanical and electrotechnical components and spare parts: produces many items, including a wide range of capacitors for every need.

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Ducati energy, detachment of Ducati Motor, produces capacitors for AC and DC applications of power electronics with high current and harmonic distortion. The scope of these capacitors is vast and varies from filtering to switching, from lighting to high power traction and rail field.